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Project Management

Our project managers support you for a part or the totality of a project, from developing a solution based on a need to implementing that solution. You can rely on our team to take your project to heart and meet your expectations.

Project management is vast, and everyone has their own definition of the tasks that a project manager should accomplish. For us, the primary responsibility of our project managers is to ensure that the mandate runs smoothly and that all stakeholders are taken into account from start to finish. We take care of our world, demonstrate proactivity, and communicate as much as possible.

Taking charge of your project also means:

  • Developing the project management plan and implementing change management
  • Ensuring the follow-up and adherence to budgets and timelines
  • Ensuring harmonious collaboration among stakeholders
  • Representing your interests and taking a leadership position
  • Applying (and enforcing) good practices in health, safety, and environment (SSE)
  • Handling administration
  • Contributing to the development of project strategies
  • Providing advice, support, and auditing
  • Managing risks and opportunities
  • Ensuring cost control
  • Supervising quality
  • Controlling and monitoring changes
  • Applying analysis and quality control
  • Managing procurement and suppliers

Project Services

Projects are vast and mobilize a plurality of expertise. Whether you are looking for a turnkey solution with established procedures to support you in the entire project administration, or rather a fully customized approach at a specific stage, our project services program will meet your needs.

Construction Management

Also known as project execution, this expertise provides turnkey services to general contractors and business leaders during the construction phase. We keep a close eye on the smooth progress of your construction site and coordinate all the stakeholders involved.