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It's time for the workplace to get a makeover

While we don't claim to hold the solution to all the woes in the professional world, we're doing our fair share to make it better. A positive work environment benefits everyone: employees, clients, and society at large. Ferrata talks heart to heart, and it shows.


We aspire for our human and friendly approach to become the standard in our industry.


That's why we've set our minds to bring together humane leaders who transform project management.

This means that our team understands, adopts, and breathes common values that act as a guiding principle.

  1. Unity Above All

    I am because we are: it's with the mantra of Ubuntu that we move forward, celebrating successes as a team and learning from failures together.

  2. Dare to Rebel

    Doing things like everyone else yields the same result. Therefore, we reject the status quo and value creativity.

  3. Humility and Beyond

    The only competition that matters is within ourselves. We aim to give our best, not to be better than others.

  4. Consciousness as an Act

    We keep in mind our responsibilities, impact, and surroundings. The leadership entrusted to us is a privilege, and we prove ourselves worthy.

  5. Ride on the Kinetics

    Fulfillment comes in movement. We don't linger on either victory or failure, expanding the realm of possibilities.

The Ferrata Way

Anyone can apply good work ethics to project management. But who makes it creative?

That's our specialty. We welcome every idea with open arms and we channel the power of free thinking. Think like everyone else, and you'll get the same solution as others; break the boundaries of tradition, and you'll have a unique alternative. It's much cooler to color outside the lines.

1. We manage the human way

We naturally integrate into your ecosystem and tune into your needs. To truly understand your reality, we lend a keen ear and build connections with key project stakeholders.

2. We get hands-on

We handle all project-related tasks, allowing you the time and space to focus on your business. We tackle problems at their source and break down silos to foster seamless collaboration.

3. We nurture our relation

We ensure an open and strong communication channel, keeping you informed about what deserves your attention. We work hand-in-hand with your team, and we won't leave you in the dark.

4. Enjoy the view!

We got your back. From now on, consider your project as handled.

Once upon a time

The year is 2020. We are in the midst of a pandemic and under pouring rain. Life is good. Two longtime friends shake hands and make a promise: if they venture into business, it won't be to follow the crowd. Life is about to get better. Ferrata had just been born, somewhere in Old Montreal, where it would take root shortly afterward.

Ferrata's strength lies in its magnetic appeal, which has led to a fivefold increase of business over three years. Our team is warm, open, and pretty darn good at rocking project management. From its diverse professional and personal backgrounds emerges an infinite array of ideas.