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Only people can change the world

We too wanted work to make sense. So we made it. Come make peace with Sunday nights.

We don't settle for the basics. Of course, you'll receive an excellent salary, reimbursement for professional fees, and a company-paid cell phone. That goes without saying. But we go beyond that.

Our 10 favorites perks

  1. Flexible time off

    Wanna go? Go. Whenever you want. Wherever you want. However you want. Enjoy a minimum of 25 days from day one. Now, that's a vacation.

    The FLEX Program helps to address fluctuating workloads. If there's a moment when I need to invest more time, I'm happy to do so because I know that later on, I'll be able to enjoy some extra time off. It also allows us to recharge our batteries when needed (rather than waiting for the next vacation in 4 months!).

    Camille Project Manager

  2. Flexible schedule

    When we say "flexible hours", we mean it. Whether you go to bed after the owl or wake up before the rooster, you dictate your own schedule. Quality work can't be measured in punch-in, punch-out.

    I don't undergo the arbitrary stress of the clock to do my work. I feel trusted to carry out my tasks at my own pace.

    Morgan Execution Manager

  3. No Cars Go

    If you're kinda sporty, you'll love this one! We cover your BIXI subscription or the maintenance costs of your bike. And if you choose public transportation, it's on the house.

    The No Cars Go program allowed me to make the most of the office location. It was a new experience for me to bike/take the subway to work, and I wouldn't do without it now!

    Kévin Project Manager

  4. Insurance

    Mental and physical health really matter. Our insurance coverage takes care of everything, no matter your needs (chiropractor, massage, psychologist, dentist, travel, whatever!) and includes telemedecine.

    Our insurance coverage is truly comprehensive and alleviates concerns about health-related expenses. It's probably the best coverage I've had in my career!

    Ichrak Lead - Mecanical Projects

  5. Wellness account

    A monthly allowance to take care of yourself as you wish: canoe camping, gym membership, spa getaway... all means are good! And on your birthday, rumor has it that you get a little extra as a gift.

    The best part about the well-being account is that I can use it to ease my monthly expenses, but also to simply enjoy life. In fact, I treated myself to a getaway at Poisson-Blanc last summer!

    Anne Lead - Culture and Growth

  6. Dream Propeller

    Every two years, you get 2 000$ and an extra week of vacation to make a dream come true. Yup. Just like that.

    The Dream Propeller compels us to stop and ask ourselves what we truly want in life. It's a beautiful initiative that ensures people stay focused on what truly matters.

    Camille Project Manager

  7. Development and Training

    Every year, you get $500 for training or courses of your choice, and we provide 24 hours of paid time for you to attend.

    The program supports continuous learning as well as certifications. Ultimately, this allows for the enhancement of knowledge and skills, both in terms of know-how and interpersonal skills. Through this program, I was able to take the PMP exam.

    Francis Project Control Officer

  8. Teambuilding

    Our colleagues are *chef's kiss*, so we like spending time together. To each season its own activity, as funky as possible.

    Teambuilding is a special moment for me. Living farther away and being focused on my projects, Ferratadays are a great opportunity for me to see my team without thinking about responsibilities. Plus, the activities are always unique!

    Olivier Co-founder

  9. Hybrid Workplace

    Why choose? We too love remote work. And hygge cafes. And connected outdoor spaces. And our bright, brand-new, comfortable office, equipped with a bike garage and showers, in the heart of Old Montreal.

    Having the choice between the vibe of the office and the comfort of home whenever I want, without judgment, is a luxury I could hardly do without.

    Morgan Execution Manager

  10. Trust and Autonomy

    No biggie, we know you know how to work. Micromanagement? That's not how we roll. We prefer letting you orchestrate your day your way and offering our support when needed.

    From day 1, we treat people as responsible and autonomous adults. Working in an environment where trust and collaboration go hand in hand is what we strive to enhance every day.

    Shane Co-founder